Virtual Passport

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Register now to get your Virtual Passport, a portal to peacebuilding that connects you to the wider world! Collect stamps in your passport by completing quizzes and activities, and gain new knowledge and skills in peacebuilding.

Learn about your conflict styles, about the tools that peacebuilders use, and about famous peacebuilders from around the world! Discover resources and quizzes on highlighted countries and regions, and learn about key concepts in peacebuilding through the Curve of Conflict and by completing word quizzes based on terms related to peacebuilding.

With your passport, you can also connect with other peacebuilders in discussion forums, share your peacebuilding story through a variety of media, and engage with USIP experts on selected topics in international conflict management and peacebuilding.

When you have completed all of the Virtual Passport activities, and earned 21 stamps, you will receive recognition as a Peacebuilder! Register for your own passport. Log in below if you already have registered for a Virtual Passport.

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