Study Abroad Snapshots

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These snapshots show scenes from different parts of the world where students might study abroad, highlight the kinds of experiences they might encounter while abroad, and emphasize the connection to themes of conflict and peace.
These snapshots show scenes from different parts of the world where students might study abroad, highlight the kinds of experiences they might encounter while abroad, and emphasize the connection to themes of conflict and peace.


A billboard in Kosovo shows a hand wielding a gun with the words "Win with the heart, not with weapons!"

"Loosely translated, the billboard says, 'Win with the heart, not with weapons!' This billboard and others like it were erected by the Kosovo Police in order to discourage the use of weapons at celebrations and to highlight that some weapons are illegal. A campaign such as this is meant to strengthen the rule of law." -Celena Canode


"Purchasing produce from street-side vendors is a common occurrence in the smaller towns and rural areas in Kosovo. Trucks like this show entrepreneurship—an important activity of citizens in a country that is building its economy." -Celena Canode


"A young Albanian boy holds a Japanese flag given to him by a group of Japanese participants in DokuFest, a documentary and short film festival held annually in Prizren, Kosovo that attracts a global audience. DokuFest is used as an aspirational example of the hope for a diverse, globalized, and economically robust Kosovo." -Celena Canode


"Students participating in a study abroad program in France listen to their guide detail the importance of dairy farms (in the background) for the Alpine economy and landscape.  Exposure to local dynamics regarding economies and landscapes highlights some of the universal concerns of societies and communities around the world." -Andrew Polich


"During the onset of the Occupy movement in Spain, when riots and protests were occurring daily, the historic feria events of the Easter holiday prompted people to come together and set aside the economic and political turmoil for a moment. This experience reminds us that culture often outlives war and that it can be a tool to unite people under a common understanding." -Vicky Hudspeth




 "While studying abroad in Morocco, our professor told us to try b’sarra, Moroccan pea soup.  Although I had never heard of it, I went with my professor and classmates near the end of our time in Fez. It was delicious. Trying new, unfamiliar things became part of the richness of my time in Morocco." -Emily Fornof


"While studying in Morocco, I was invited to attend a wedding, which allowed me to meet many Moroccans, gave me insight into very specific cultural elements related to marriage, and underscored that celebrating two people coming together in marriage is a very universal human experience. My host sister, Amina, did my henna for the wedding.  She was one of my favorite people in Morocco; we watched Moroccan TV together, went shopping, and could talk about anything. The personal relationships forged while studying abroad can be some of the most valuable and impactful aspects of living in another country." -Emily Fornof


"This view of a sunrise from the top of Mount Sinai, a site of religious and cultural significance for many different groups of people, was a special moment during my four years in Egypt. Traveling allows people the opportunity to see the beauty created when cultures, traditions, and people of different backgrounds interact." -Abigail Appleton


"I got to know this little boy and his family in the four years I lived in Egypt. This picture, and the memories and emotions that it evokes for me, defines my experience living, working, and studying abroad and symbolizes all the reasons I cannot wait to go back. Individual relationships like this one proved to be one of the most worthwhile parts of living abroad and allowed me to better appreciate the realities of living in a country different than my own." -Abigail Appleton


 "A group of international participants and Rwandan facilitators came together after a long day of workshops, during which Rwandans and Americans learned each other’s views on human rights. These sessions were important, establishing friendships and a better collective understanding of how each group interprets our rights and responsibilities."           -Michael Zanchelli


The Middle East

"Students studying abroad in Israel began their program by gathering on the side of a mountain overlooking Jerusalem's iconic Dome of the Rock. The students learned about the nuances of this much-contested land. The happy expressions capture their optimism at the beginning of this journey of learning. They learned about the conflict, met with people who held different points-of-view, and found that they had more questions than answers at the end of the program. The experience created a deeper understanding that a conflict often takes place on various levels and that it is necessary to take time to understand perspectives before commencing any peacebuilding initiatives." -Nate Wilson


"While visiting Morocco, my study abroad group spent one day in a Berber community. The family that hosted our stay had very little and yet shared so much. They opened their home to a group of complete strangers, a gesture that spanned language and culture barriers, and provided us with an intimate look into the lives of a Moroccan sub-culture."                    -Vicky Hudspeth